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Good Little Article from NZ — “Climate of Fear”

By Ian Wishart — Investigate Daily — July 28, 2014 It’s been a winter of fools in the public debate about climate change in New Zealand. The public trough-snorters at NIWA and other bastions of climate ‘research’ who rely on taxpayer funding to maintain their exotic lifestyles have been hyping up their ‘warmest winter’ and […]

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Now that Global Warming is Dead, environmentalists are gearing up for next scare story

Population Explosion in the 60’s.  Global Cooling and Ozone Layer in the 70’s.  Acid rain in the 80’s.  Global warming in the 90’s.  Next scare will be acid oceans. P. Gosselin — No Tricks Zone — October 5, 2013 Swiss Journalist Predicts: “Climate Catastrophe Will Soon Be Forgotten” Like All Other Environmental Scare Stories It’s […]

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