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More Environmental Damage from the turbines in Ocotillo

The horrendous environmental damage continues at the wind farm in Ocotillo, California. Video

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U.S. — Conservation Groups and Wind Industry Clash over Damage to Desert Ecosystems

Wind energy faces turbulent future in desert Sammy Roth — The Desert Sun — November 24, 2014 For renewable energy advocates and environmental groups, few questions are more divisive than the impact of wind turbines on desert wildlife. Trade organizations see wind development as something of a climate change panacea: an abundant, relatively inexpensive clean […]

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Could the Ocotillo Wind Facility be Brought Down by the “False Claims Act”? Does Ontario have one?

(Donna’s notes: It appears from this article, that not only was Pattern Energy and their “experts” guilty of misleading and fraudulent claims, but that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) was fully aware of the fact that this wind facility would not perform as expected.  Another example of government agencies — similar to Ontario’s MNR […]

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Miriam Raftery — East County Magazine — October 25, 2013 Wind turbines in Ocotillo went offline on October 21 for several days due to SDG&E maintenance on Sunrise Powerlink, according to Matt Dallas with Pattern Energy .  Flashing red lights on the turbines that normally warn aircraft of the 500-foot-tall structures have also been dark, […]

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In a follow up to our article about Octillo, California about the devastation caused by Pattern Energy’s industrial wind development, the assault on the town’s residents continue. Miriam Raftery — East County Magazine — September 8, 2013 A new dust storm, flooding and more white foam flowed through Ocotillo today, heightening residents’ concerns about impacts […]

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Pattern Energys wind field in Ocotillo, California — A case study in environmental devastation

According to Ocotillo Wind Turbine Destruction site, the Pattern Energy industrial wind field has had one problem after another, leaving behind an environmental nightmare for the towns residents to deal with.   Not to mention that there isn’t much wind to ever keep these things moving as evidenced by the videos posted on Quixotes earlier. […]

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A Tale of Two Wind Facilities — Ontario, Canada and Ocotillo, California

Last summer (2012) Quixotes did a video of the inefficiency of wind energy in Ontario using the 160 turbine facility at Melanchton as an example. A fellow wind group in Ocotillo (pronounced Okoteeyo) California has made some strikingly similar videos using the 112 wind turbines that currently surround their tiny town in the desert. The interesting […]

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Pattern Energy — A model example of the corruption and lies put forth by the wind industry

(Donnas Notes: Time and time and time again, we read of instances where wind energy companies not only lie about their product, but manipulate the data, spin the truth and ultimately leave ruin and destruction in their wind turbines paths.  When is this industry going to be held to the same standards of truth that […]

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Construction Manager at Ocotillo Wind Project Arrested Following Threats to Photographers

Tip of the hat to Central Bruce Wind Action Miriam Raftery — East County Magazine — February 8, 2013 Court has issued a restraining order requiring Graham to stay away from the photographer he attacked. February 7, 2013 (Octillo) — Russell Scott Graham, 48, a representative at Pattern Energy’s Ocotillo Wind Express Facility, has been […]

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