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Difficult to invest in green energy in Canada without Big Oil

 “it is the traditional oil and gas companies that are constructing much of the green energy projects in the country.”   Next time you see someone protesting Tim Horton’s to get rid of Enbridge ads, point them to this article. — DQ Divestiture movement continues as organizations clean carbon holdings from portfolios Kyle Bakx — […]

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From N.A. Windpower — How Clean is the Oil in Your Turbine?

(Editor’s Note:  Just an information piece for those of us who want to remind the supporters of “clean wind energy” just how “clean” turbines are and that they actually use quite a lot of *gasp* evil oil.  This is a long article, so probably only the engineers among us could get through the whole thing.  I […]

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Why is Quixotes focussed on Big Wind and not Big Oil or Big Gas?

For some odd reason, those of us who are anti-wind have been made out to be the bad guys.  If you’re anti-wind, you must ‘hate the planet’.  You want to see our environment destroyed.  You’re in the pockets of Big Oil and Big Gas. I think it’s time to explain this issue and our battle […]

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Did Big Oil Kill Off Green Energy?

Daniel J. Graeber – Oil Price.com — December 30, 2012 The American Petroleum Industry announced the U.S. oil and natural gas sector spent billions of dollars last year on environmental programs. The energy lobby said it estimates that about 20 percent of all investments in low-carbon technology came from private energy companies. At the most […]

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Feds look other way as wind farms kill birds — but haul oil and gas firms to court

Bamini Chakraborty — Fox News — December 17, 2012 Washington –  Lights left on during a foggy night last year at a West Virginia wind farm are thought to be behind the grizzly deaths of nearly 500 songbirds. It was the third time it happened — and each time, the federal government looked the other […]

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Big wind will take any problem you are trying to solve — and make it worse.

(Editors note: I am personally all for smale scale wind, i.e. for home use to decrease dependency on the grid.  This article also acknowledges there are benefits for individual wind turbine use.  The problem though is, trying to integrate unstable, unreliable large scale wind power into an already reliable, efficient grid. — DQ) Big Wind […]

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