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The Ontario Liberals Legacy — Weeds, windmills and waste

Stephen Skyvington — Hamilton Spectator — August 28, 2013 Mercifully, sometime within the next 12 months, the McWynnety Liberals’ “reign of error” will finally come to an end. Whether Tim Hudak’s PC Party forms the next government or Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, one way or another, a stake will be driven through the heart of […]

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Gas plant scandal needs accountability

Bob Runciman — Toronto Sun — April 24, 2013 Ontario Auditor General Jim McCarter’s recent damning report on the true costs of cancelling the Mississauga gas plant was another blow to Premier Kathleen Wynne’s attempts to distance herself from the scandal. The question now becomes, what consequences will she and her party face? Political, without […]

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