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New Video Shows the Devastation To the Natural Beauty Surrounding Loch Ness

Sign the petition to the Scottish government to stop this assault on the beautiful country of Scotland by greedy wind developers….click here.

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Video: Global Warming Zealots Sign Petition to Lower the Temperature of the Sun

Hat tip to T. Nelson. You just can’t make this stuff up.  Watch the hypocrisy as these protesters (who flew to Washington) say they can’t give up carbon or sign a petition to fight pollution while smoking a cigarette.  “This is choice,” says the smoker.

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Hundreds of business owners across Ontario petition Wynne Liberals to “stop the lies”

(Editor’s Note:  You know your government has gone just about as low as it can go, when people start petitioning them to stop lying, as evidenced by this next article.  Not about wind, but the message is the same. — DQ) Business owners in 57 towns and cities across Ontario have petitioned the Ontario Liberals […]

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Sign the Petition to prevent wind turbines from being built off the D-Day beaches

NO to windfarms off the D-Day beaches Target: President Francois Hollande, UNESCO, Prefect of Lower Normandy, Allied and European Ambassadors, Allied Veterans Associations Sponsored by: Basse Normandie Environnement (BNE) – Federation Environnement Durable (FED) – European Platform Against Windfarms (EPAW) With no exception our organizations regard this as an invasion of sacred grounds where so many warriors […]

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Sign the petition to hold the Liberals accountable!

Sign petition here SIGN THE PETITION People are worried about their hydro bills being too high. They are worried about their jobs. And they are concerned that the government is spending more than they take in. Instead of addressing these concerns of Ontario taxpayers, the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals cancelled two gas plants to protect their political […]

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Sign the petition to support a wind turbine moratorium in Ontario

  Support a Wind Turbine Moratorium | Ontario PC Party:  Sign the Petition: I support Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson’s private members motion which calls for a moratorium on further industrial wind turbine development until a third party health and environmental study has been completed. The Ontario PC’s provide these reasons to “Support a Wind Turbine […]

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Wind Wise Radio needs more signatures on their Petition to save the Scottish landscape

This message is from Wind Wise Radio who started the petition “First Minister Alex Salmond: Stop the reckless siting of wind turbines in Scotland’s scenic landscapes,” which you signed on Change.org. Thanks to all of you we have just passed 600 signatures. Help us to quickly DOUBLE that number. Take a minute to send just […]

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Sign the petition to get our legislative assembly back to work

Sign here

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Wind energy ‘too risky’

Cheryl Brink – Cornwall Standard Freeholder — September 17, 2012 A Chesterville woman is collecting opposition to wind energy in the hopes of heading off projects before they begin. Theresa Bergeron said there’s two companies that have quietly approached landowners to secure sites for turbines, so she gathered 450 signatures from residents who are against […]

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Request for a Private Member’s Bill to Repeal Ontario’s Green Energy Act

To: Andrea Horwath, leader of Ontario’s NDP party and Time Hudak, leader of Ontario’s PC party and their affiliated MPP’s With respect to the Ontario Government’s Green Energy Act (2010), we the undersigned, have serious concerns regarding the negative impact of the Act on Ontario’s people, economy, environment and wildlife. Therefore, we the undersign request […]

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