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Volcanic Eruptions Benefit the Environment — HUH???

A little gift for Fathers Day is this article talking about 6 ways volcanic eruptions benefit the planet and the environment.  Now those of us who studied science, back in the days when real science was taught in schools, (before CO2 became public enemy #1) have always been fully aware of this fact. But for the […]

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Wind turbines are not a panacea for saving the planet

Alan Kahn –Spalding Today (UK) — February 9, 2014 Letter to the Editor: I’m not accustomed to writing letters of praise about MPs of any party. But for our local MP I’ll make an exception and might even be persuaded to cast a vote for him at the next election. John Hayes should be applauded […]

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How environmentalists are killing the planet, destroying the economy and stealing your children’s future.

John Brignell They are green on the outside, but under the skin the deepest of reds. Their methods are neo-Marxist, especially in the adoption of a form of Trotskyite entryism. The green veneer derives from their first successful coup in achieving control of the environmentalist group Greenpeace, resulting in the departure of original members such […]

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Is Germany Killing the Environment to Save It?

Markus Dettmer, Peter Muller, Cornelia Schmergal — Spiegel Online — March 12, 2013 The German government is carrying out a rapid expansion of renewable energies like wind, solar and biogas, yet the process is taking a toll on nature conservation. The issue is causing a rift in the environmental movement, pitting “green energy” supporters against […]

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