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Video: President of Space and Science Research Center Exposes Global Warming Fraud

Tip o’ the hat to C. Berg. . . . . . . .

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CANWEA standards for health effect studies scrape the bottom of the barrel

CANWEA President Robert Hornung, in an interview regarding the upcoming Health Canada study into the effects of wind turbines on humans made this astounding comment…..  “CanWEA notes that the balance of scientific evidence to date clearly demonstrates that wind turbines do not have an impact on human health and that this perspective has been confirmed […]

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First report of CAW turbine protest

Contrary to CAW President Ken Lewenza’s assertions to the media yesterday that opposition to the CAW wind turbine at their Family Education Centre is dwindling, Port Elgin and other supporters from across the province gave a strong showing for their protest parade today. And if Lewenza was not the spineless weasel that he is, he would have addressed the […]

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