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UK: Wind farms Paid Record Sums Not to Produce Electricity

Windy weather and low demand for electricity led to wind farm owners being paid a record amount to switch off turbines on Monday Edward Malnick — The Telegraph — August 12, 2014 Wind farms were paid a record sum of almost £3 million in a single day this week not to produce electricity. Strong winds […]

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You Know How We Pay Wind Companies NOT to Produce Power???

From No Tricks Zone – P. Gosselin — March 28, 2014 Stunning Absurdity From Germany’s Energy Feed-In Act…Wind-Park Operators Earn Most When Turbines Are Idle! By P Gosselin on 28. März 2014 Rudolf Kipp at the skeptical website Science Skeptical here writes about one of the incredible (but very real) absurdities of Germany’s “EEG” renewable […]

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Large Wind Farms Might Produce Less Energy Than Thought

Mila Luleva — The Green Optimistic — March 2013 A study conducted by scientists from University of North Carolina and Harvard University claims that global wind power resources have been significantly overestimated. Amanda S Adams and David W Keith state that production levels of 2 to 7 watts per square meter, estimated before, are unrealistic […]

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Definition of Insanity: It will cost $695 million a year to produce wind power that Quebec doesn’t need

Montreal Economic Institute — Media Release — June 17, 2013 Invoking “obvious economic reasons,” i.e., annual savings of $24 million, the Quebec government cancelled six small hydroelectric power projects this past February. In April, however, it announced new supply contracts for wind power, a sector that is already guaranteed to receive an implicit subsidy of […]

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