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How Ontario’s pursuit of renewable energy broke the province’s electricity system

Terence Corcoran — Financial Post — October 6, 2016 Back in 2010, deep green environmentalist Rick Smith, then head of Environmental Defence Canada, hailed Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act regime as a cost-free operation that would catapult the province into the big leagues of renewable energy. Through fat subsidies and high prices offered […]

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Bill Gates Dismisses Solar And Wind Energy, “Can’t Do The Job” …Cost “Beyond Astronomical”!

No Tricks Zone — June 28, 2015 Another prominent thumbs down against wind the current renewable energy craze, this one from Bill Gates. The UK online Register here reports that the technology guru is not impressed by fad renewable energies wind and sun: “Renewable energy can’t do the job. Gov should switch green subsidies into […]

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Germans Feel the Burden of Its Shift to Renewable Energy

(Take note of which countries make up 2 of the top 3 in terms of electricity prices in Europe.  The ones most heavily into wind. Coincidence??? — DQ) Stratfor Enterprises — February 5, 2015   Germany is experiencing deflation for the first time since 2009. Though other factors have certainly contributed to the economic decline, […]

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Google Engineers Conclude Renewables like Wind and Solar are a Waste of Time and Resources

Margaret Wente — Globe and Mail — November 24, 2014 All over Ontario, giant wind turbines are sprouting up across the rural landscape and ruining people’s lives. Ordinary people are trying to fight them off in court, but they don’t have a chance. The multinational wind industry has a lot more money than they do. […]

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Germany has a $412 Billion Renewable Energy Money Pit Lesson For Ontario

Germany, the model for Ontario’s wind and solar developments, now regrets its spending spree Brady Yauch — Financial Post — August 12, 2014 Germany – the country on which Ontario modelled its approach to renewable energy development – has a $412-billion lesson for Ontario. That’s the amount the country has spent on subsidies in support […]

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North America Slow to Reverse Renewables Projects, But it’s Turn will Soon Come

(Tip o’ the hat to M.Taylor) Lawrence Solomon — Financial Post — April 4, 2014 Only those in fantasyland should expect a contract to be sacrosanct when one party to the transaction makes the law Europe taught us to spare no expense in supporting wind and solar projects, the better to help the planet survive. […]

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European Governments ripping up renewable contracts. Why can’t Ontario?

Brady Yauch — Financial Post — Maruch 18, 2014 Companies ‘do not have a right [to expect the compensation] not to be changed’ Governments across Europe, regretting the over-generous deals doled out to the renewable energy sector, have begun reneging on them. To slow ruinous power bills hikes, governments are unilaterally rewriting contracts and clawing […]

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Great article out of Germany: In Ontario it’s the cost of a Tim’s. In Germany it’s a scoop of ice cream.

From Spiegel Online, this article has been Google translated, so it may not be 100% accurate.  I’ve tried to adjust the grammar where I could.  You will get the general idea though.  If anyone can do a better translation for me, please let me know and I’ll make the corrections.  Funny how even with the […]

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Gone With the Wind: Weak Returns Cripple German Renewables

Gunther Latsch, Anne Seith and Gerald Traufetter — Der Speigel — January 30, 2014 Investments in renewable energy were supposed to be a sure thing, with wind park operators promising annual returns of up to 20 percent. More often than not, however, such pledges have been illusory — and many investors have lost their principal to boot. Three […]

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Ontario welcomes Energy Poverty similar to Germany and the UK

Jatin Nathwani — The Globe and Mail — December 9, 2013 The sting of high electricity costs – and the potential for more pain in the near term – has decisively punctured Ontario’s infatuation with high-cost renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar. “Achieving Balance” – the latest version of the province’s Long-Term Energy Plan – […]

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Friends of Science: “Renewables are not so doable”

The Digital Journal — November 26, 2013 The global warming and climate science review organization Friends of Science released a report entitled “Renewable is Not So Doable“, calling on the City of Calgary to rescind its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction plan. The city’s plan was developed by the Pembina Institute, a renewable energy think-tank, and […]

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Poland Builds Electronic Wall to Keep Out German Renewables

Giles Parkinson — RenewEconomy — November 18, 2013 Poland, the host of the climate change negotiations, is going to extreme lengths to protect its coal-fired electricity industry — making sudden changes to renewable energy support schemes, and even going so far as erecting a form of electronic barrier to keep renewable energy from neighboring Germany […]

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Another Must Read — Renewable Energy Needs Huge Mineral Supply — Trading One Kind of “Energy Crisis” for Another

Thanks to Turbine Watch 312 for the find of this great article. Tim Radford, Climate News Network  — November 2, 2013 LONDON – Humankind could be about to exchange one kind of energy crisis for another. The switch from the finite store of fossil fuels to renewable sources could involve a huge additional demand for the world’s equally finite store […]

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Green Energy Programs Often Increase Emissions

Dan Well — News Max —  August 20, 2013 From the Wall Street Journal: The Obama administration’s environmentally-oriented energy programs actually increase carbon emissions in some cases, according to a Wall Street Journal editorial. Journal editors reach that conclusion based on a report on energy subsidies released by the National Academies in June. In 2008 Congress formed […]

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Germans Grow Skeptical over Shift to Renewables — Mood is Changing to Anger

Deutsche Welle — August 12, 2013 Two years ago, Germany ushered in a new era of energy production, shifting from nuclear and fossil fuel to mainly wind and sun. Though the policy is still supported by most Germans, the moods of many are slowly changing. Germans have long been known as environmentally conscious people. They […]

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