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Seven top level scientists who are global warming doubters

(Oddly enough, the headline of this article states that these top 7 scientists are “missing the point” about man-made climate change, but then the author neglects to state “how” they are missing the point.  Instead, she presents their credentials and reasons for doubting the man-made global warming theory, thereby giving more credibility to their arguments. […]

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Climate Extremists’ Rhetoric Heats Up as AGW Consensus Crumbles

John Fund — National Review — September 21, 2014 The United Nations Climate Summit will begin in New York this Tuesday, but environmental activists didn’t wait. All day Sunday, they filled the streets of Manhattan for a march that featured Al Gore, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio, and various Hollywood actors. But they […]

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Peer-Reviewed Survey Finds Majority Of Scientists Skeptical Of Global Warming Crisis

Tip of the hat to the Galileo Movement James Taylor — Forbes — February 2, 2013 It is becoming clear that not only do many scientists dispute the asserted global warming crisis, but these skeptical scientists may indeed form a scientific consensus. Don’t look now, but maybe a scientific consensus exists concerning global warming after all. […]

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Japanese Space Agency agrees with Skeptics on Climate Change

Tip of the hat to John O’Sullivan Terri Jackson (MSc Physics) — Principia Scientific — January 27, 2014 Higher carbon dioxide levels are coming from undeveloped countries in equatorial Africa and South America not from UK, EU and US, shows Japanese government satellite data.  Japan abandons its CO2 targets as separate scientific evidence suggests Earth […]

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Climate Alarmists’ ‘Dark Money’ Dwarfs Skeptics’ Funding

James M. Taylor — Heartland.org — January 19, 2014 Global warming activists claim vast amounts of untraceable special-interest money fund global warming skeptics and give skeptics an unfair advantage in the global warming debate. The undeniable truth is global warming alarmists raise and spend far more money—including far more untraceable special-interest “dark money”—than global warming […]

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The skeptics were right: Climate changes naturally & these natural changes outweigh any man-made influences

A Pacific Reason Why Global Warming has Stopped The Hockey Schtick — August 30, 2013 An interesting week in climate change science and climate change politics – sometimes a little difficult to distinguish between them! We have a new paper published in Nature which ties the current hiatus in global-warming to cooling in the eastern equatorial pacific, a […]

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German Meteorologists Ridicule IPCC — Skeptics ‘chipping away’ at AGW hysterics

P. Gosselin —  No Tricks Zone  — August 18, 2013 Sometimes it takes awhile for bad science to be exposed. Often it starts with one person finding an inconsistency, digging a little deeper, and then announcing that something is rotten. That person in turn gets attacked and smeared as an outcast. But a few other, open-minded […]

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The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate

Lewis Page — The Register (UK) — May 29, 2012 ‘Abandon focus on sound science’, say trick-cyclists A US government-funded survey has found that Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more sceptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens. The results of the survey are […]

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