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Ottawa tweaks methods for study on possible health effects of wind farms

The Canadian Press — February 10, 2013 OTTAWA — Health Canada says it has tweaked its methods for a study on the possible link between wind farms and the adverse health effects reported by those living near them. Ottawa announced last summer it would conduct the study, a decision that was lauded by opponents of […]

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Chatham-Kent mayor supports “independent” study done by wind company raided by anti-corruption squad. What else is new?

From Central Bruce Wind Action. Chatham Kent Mayor Randy Hope enthused over a report this week which stated that wind turbines pose no threat to local airports.  Surprise, surprise.  The report was done by none other than GENIVAR, which is a company that has 20 years experience in the wind energy industry.  Certainly no bias on […]

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Maine — Industrial wind turbines could cause sleep loss, study claims

Nick Sambides Jr. — Maine Sun Journal — November 27, 2012 American and British researchers, including a radiologist from Fort Kent, have published what they claim is the first peer-reviewed study to conclude that people living near industrial wind sites could suffer significant sleep loss and other health problems. Called “Effects of Industrial Wind Turbine […]

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U. of W. offers Samsung tablet as prize for completing wind health survey?

(Seriously?  Not sure if they thought that one through. — DQ) Orangeville Banner — November 26, 2012 Residents of Dufferin County who live within five kilometres of a wind turbine can expect to receive a survey in their mailboxes in the coming weeks. The survey, titled the Quality of Life and Renewable Energy Technologies Study, […]

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Study links wind turbines to illness, previously brushed aside by Ontario Liberals

Jonathan Sher — QMI Agency — November 1, 2012 LONDON, ON — They live in the shadow of wind farms, and their stories of turbine-induced illness have been brushed aside by the wind industry, Ontario regulators and the province’s Liberal government. But now, researchers have published the first ever peer-reviewed study linking wind turbines and […]

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Off topic but worth posting — Women who killed husbands ‘rarely gave a warning,’ and most weren’t abused, study finds

Editors Note:  Because this is something that I have been saying for DECADES and has now FINALLY been proven TRUE and even though this is off topic for this blog, because it’s mine, fortunately, I get to post whatever I want.  And this merits repeating.   — Donna From today’s National Post — October 3, […]

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Health Canada mum on turbine study areas

Chris Halliday — Orangeville.com — August 22, 2012 Melancthon mayor wants his municipality included There is a turbine for every 23 people in Melancthon, and if another proposed wind farm receives the green light, that ratio could change to one for every 17 residents. For that reason, Melancthon council wants its residents included in a […]

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Shining the light on Big Wind Shills like Robert Oliphant

Robert Oliphant continues to spew his rhetoric about Ontario’s killer coal plants in an ongoing effort to push through McGuinty’s wind agenda.  Oliphant’s outdated, over-exaggerated claims about coal pollution hopefully will soon come to an end as more and more of the general public become aware of the falsehoods and made up numbers that Oliphant […]

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UK Study — Wind farms do bring down property values

Nick Collins, Science Correspondent — The Telegraph — July 21, 2012 Wind farms can bring down property prices, government officials have accepted after downgrading the official valuation of several homes close to turbines. The decisions by the Valuation Office Agency (VOA) to move certain houses close to wind farms into lower council tax bands are […]

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CANWEA standards for health effect studies scrape the bottom of the barrel

CANWEA President Robert Hornung, in an interview regarding the upcoming Health Canada study into the effects of wind turbines on humans made this astounding comment…..  “CanWEA notes that the balance of scientific evidence to date clearly demonstrates that wind turbines do not have an impact on human health and that this perspective has been confirmed […]

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Ezra Levant — Delaying Wind Turbines

Ontario MPP Vic Fedeli on why the moratorium of wind farms are long overdue.

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Perth-Wellington politicians join the chorus for a moratorium on turbines

Donal O’Connor — Stratford Beacon Herald — July 13, 2012 Pumped by Health Canada’s announcement last week that it will commission a new study on the possible health effects of wind turbines, Perth-Wellington MPP Randy Pettapiece has renewed his call for a moratorium on new turbines, and area MP Gary Schellenberger has joined the chorus. […]

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Health Canada Announces Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study

News Release — July 10, 2012 Health Canada Announces Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study July 10, 2012 — OTTAWA – Health Canada, in collaboration with Statistics Canada, will conduct a research study that will explore the relationship between wind turbine noise and health effects reported by, and objectively measured in, people living near wind power […]

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The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate

Lewis Page — The Register (UK) — May 29, 2012 ‘Abandon focus on sound science’, say trick-cyclists A US government-funded survey has found that Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more sceptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens. The results of the survey are […]

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Why existing Wind turbine “Health Studies” are skewed and pathetically inadequate

The Massachusettes Dept. of Environmental Protection/Dept. of Public Health commissioned a study on the effects of wind turbines on humans. Wind Turbine Health Impact Study: Report of Independent Expert Panel January 2012 Prepared for: Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection /Massachusetts Department of Public Health Several things to note about this “independent” unbiased 163 page report. […]

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