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We are living in an “ice age” climate today….(yes we are)

Although cycles of glaciation are believed to occur in response to solar input variations like the Milankovich Cycle and Precession of the Equinoxes, another important factor is the rearrangement of continental landmasses over geologic time by the processes of continental drift. Throughout the Carboniferous Period, (300 million years ago) continental drift was rearranging most (but not all) of […]

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Today’s Science Lesson — Hang in there, you’ll get it….

Today’s earth is actually CO2 impoverished! Average global temperatures in the Early Carboniferous Period (300 million years ago) were hot– approximately 20° C (68° F). However, cooling during the Middle Carboniferous reduced average global temperatures to about 12° C (54° F). As shown on the chart below, this is comparable to the average global temperature on Earth today! Similarly, atmospheric concentrations […]

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