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Climate Change: The Hoax that Costs Us $4 Billion a Day

“It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!” Upton Sinclair. James Delingpole — Breitbart News — August 8, 2015 The global climate change industry is worth an annual $1.5 trillion, according to Climate Change Business Journal. That’s the equivalent of $4 billion a day […]

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Google Engineers Conclude Renewables like Wind and Solar are a Waste of Time and Resources

Margaret Wente — Globe and Mail — November 24, 2014 All over Ontario, giant wind turbines are sprouting up across the rural landscape and ruining people’s lives. Ordinary people are trying to fight them off in court, but they don’t have a chance. The multinational wind industry has a lot more money than they do. […]

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The Ontario Liberals Legacy — Weeds, windmills and waste

Stephen Skyvington — Hamilton Spectator — August 28, 2013 Mercifully, sometime within the next 12 months, the McWynnety Liberals’ “reign of error” will finally come to an end. Whether Tim Hudak’s PC Party forms the next government or Andrea Horwath’s New Democrats, one way or another, a stake will be driven through the heart of […]

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Why are we wasting our resources on non-viable wind and solar, instead of pursuing energy sources that will actually work?

Green Energy Waste Is Spoiling The Bunch Seeking Alpha — May 22, 2013 Almost 30 years ago as an organic chemistry student we studied solutions to the then peaking oil and energy crisis. Back then we had fears of a coming ice age, Reagan was just taking office and OPEC had just finished a series […]

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Earth Hour Is a Colossal Waste of Time—and Energy

Plus, it ignores how electricity has been a boon for humanity. Bjorn Lomborg — Slate.com — March 17, 2013 On the evening of March 23, 1.3 billion people will go without light at 8:30—and at 9:30, and at 10:30, and for the rest of the night—just like every other night of the year. With no […]

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Get Dense: Wind turbines responsible for ‘Energy Sprawl’

The real environmentalists aren’t headline-seeking activists and advocacy groups; they’re farmers, urban planners, agronomists, and, yes, even natural-gas drillers and nuclear engineers. Robert Bryce — The City Journal — February 24, 2013 It’s time to stop wasting land and resources in the name of environmentalism. More than three decades ago, the British economist E. F. […]

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Wind and Solar are Worse than Coal and cause the waste of gas

Viv Forbes — Canada Free Press — October 23, 2012 James Hansen, an outspoken world climate alarmist says: “Coal-fired power plants are factories of death”. The Australian Greens want a fast end to coal mining in Australia, and support a swift expansion of wind and solar power. As the Greens are part of the coalition which […]

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James Delingpole –Arguments for wind power are just hot air

Hat tip to Maggie’s Farm for this one.  Gotta love James Delingpole! I’d do anything to fight these pernicious turbines — including stand for Parliament, says James Delingpole. The Telegraph — September 17, 2012 Why on earth am I standing as an independent candidate in the Corby by-election? The very last thing I want is […]

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Denmark — The Inefficiency of Wind Turbines — Why they probably use more power than they create

(Editors Note:  It never hurts to repost an excellent article, like this one written by Eric Rosenbloom from Denmark, about the inefficiencies of wind power. — Donna Quixote) Eric Rosenbloom — Denmark “Wind promises a clean and free source of electricity that would reduce our dependence on imported fossil fuels and the output of greenhouse […]

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UK: All this talk of wind turbines is just hot air!

Sunday 1 April 2012 18:00 HAVE you taken a drive to The Borders lately; in particular, down the A74 road to Carlisle? If not, you’re in for a bit of a shock. It’s one of the most stunningly beautiful areas of the country. Streams, forests, ancient dykes, the gentle curves of the hills, and whacking […]

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Turbine Company Report States Each Blade Creates ONE Ton of Waste!!!

Wow, we’re shooting these myths out of the sky faster than I can post them. Special thanks to our viewer Scott who caught this one at the Greeley Gazette!! Myth explosion number 33! Vestas not so green after all by Peter Grady — March 9, 2012 While the President is making a huge push for […]

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