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Let experts scrutinize wind energy claims

Letter to the Editor — Lethbridge Herald — September 25, 2013 Re: Dave Mabell article of Sept 14. It is surprising to me that the Lethbridge Herald will publish such a large article based on unresearched and unbalanced marketing misinformation. In fact, the whole article was a regurgitation of last May’s press release of CanWEA. […]

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Anti-wind groups start fighting back against wind industry propaganda with full page ads in local papers.

The following full-page ad was placed by the Friends of Maines Mountains in a local paper.

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Wind Industry Upset at New Rules set out asking for Scheduling and Forecasting

Last week, we showcased an article out of India stating that their electrical power grid was asking the wind industry to give them some indication of how much power they could supply to the grid — a day ahead of time.  This shouldn’t be so problematic.  Other forms of electrical generation have no problem doing […]

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Wind Energy: “The Biggest Government sponsored fraud in history — rife with “manipulation, intimidation, lies and cover-up”

James Delingpole — The Australian — June 18, 2013 SINCE 2007, household electricity prices in Australia have risen by more than 40 per cent and by next year are projected to rise by around about 30 per cent. If this bothers you then the place you should be today is Canberra, joining the people’s revolution […]

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Wind Industry has failed to deliver what it promised

The wind-power industry is expensive, passes costs on to the consumer and does not create many jobs in return The Telegraph — June 15, 2013 Today, The Sunday Telegraph reveals how many ”green jobs’’ the wind-power industry really generates in exchange for its generous subsidies. The figures show that for 12 months until February 2013, […]

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Australia: The Wind Industry is feeling the heat…Turbine company and green groups to fight anti-windfarm campaign

Anxious supporters of renewable energy allege underhand tactics are taking the wind out of their sails Lenore Taylor — The Guardian — June 16, 2013 The world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturer is joining forces with environmental groups in a global campaign to rouse the “silent majority” of people who support renewable energy to fight back against what […]

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And the myths just keep on coming — When will the wind industry finally start to tell the truth?

From BiofuelsWatch.com, another fairytale about how wind turbines and wind energy are ‘free’, ‘clean’ and ‘not pollution causing’. “Firstly, wind power is inherently one of the cleanest sources of power available. It does not contribute to global warming, nor does it produce any form of harmful waste.” (To read the entire article, click here) If […]

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Perception deceptions rampant in wind industry

Mary Hartman — Republican Eagle — July 28, 2012 If citizens are going to foot the bill for alternative energy, it is important we base this decision on facts, not assumptions or perceptions. Many U.S. citizens and some public officials believe wind energy has a proven scientific benefit: it will reduce global warming and decrease […]

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Spanish wind industry reacts with fury to prospect of 11% tax

Ben Blackwell, London — Recharge — July 18, 2012 Spain’s wind industry association (AEE) has denounced reported plans by the government to impose an 11% tax on wind generation, warning that it would cost the sector €3bn ($3.7bn) and reduce the profitability of plants by 30%. RELATED STORIES Spanish premier Rajoy confirms plans for new […]

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