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More Environmental Damage from the turbines in Ocotillo

The horrendous environmental damage continues at the wind farm in Ocotillo, California. Video

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OPP investigating allegations that Ontario government officials illegally destroyed wind farm documents

David Reevely — Ottawa  Citizen — May 4, 2016 The Ontario Provincial Police has launched another investigation into allegations that provincial government officials illegally destroyed documents concerning an aborted contract to supply electricity to the provincial grid. This time, it’s a green-energy contract with a company that builds wind farms. A previous investigation into the […]

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While you were sleeping all snug in your bed, Jolly Wynne kept us deep in the red

This is from 3 years ago, but it’s only gotten worse for Ontarians under the draconian rule of the Wynne Liberals, so it deserves a repost. *********************** By Rob Snow at 580 CFRA (Ottawa) — December 5, 2013 While you were sleeping, all snug in your beds, with visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads… […]

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This commentary is by Brian Dubie, who served as Vermont’s lieutenant governor from 2003-2011. He is a pilot for American Airlines and lives in Fairfield. Brian Dubie — Vermont Digger — October  4, 2015 What do you think of when you think of an industrial wind project? Wind developers want you to think of free, […]

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U.S. Study: Wind Turbines Even More Expensive and Useless Than You Thought

James Delinpole — Breitbart — July 2015 The cost of wind energy is significantly more expensive than its advocates pretend, a new US study has found. If you believe this chart produced by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), then onshore wind is one of the cheapest forms of power – more competitive than nuclear, […]

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Wow! U.S. Republican Carly Fiorina “gets it” about wind turbines!!!

I like this woman more and more every time I hear her speak.  She only talks about wind turbines briefly, but she’s got them nailed.

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The Roads to Turbine Hell

Originally posted on lsarc:
The roads to turbine Hell 60 Km of new roads and over 40Km of transmission/collector lines cut through the forest. Despite our desperate resistance to the economic suicide of the allegedly ‘Green’ Energy Act,  giant monuments to greed and gullibility blight our iconic landscape which inspired artists, most notably the Group…

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Germany — A Flock of Partridges Tried to Make it Through an Industrial Wind Facility…

….they didn’t get very far.  The video is in German, but you don’t need it in your language to understand the anger felt. From Windwahn.de The maker of this video wrote: This video shows a flock (dozen) of partridges which was pressed on the base of a wind turbine. The partridges flew with tailwind over […]

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Donna Rachel Edmunds — Breitbart.com — July 18, 2015 Campaigners in Scotland are calling for a full, independent investigation into allegations that wind farms are contaminating water supplies across large areas of Scotland. They have written to the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Energy Secretary Amber Rudd calling for an immediate halt on all wind […]

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What Do Germany, Harvard Law, Bats and International Court Hearings Have in Common?

Richard Corbett — Harvard Magazine — July 17, 2015 INTERNATIONAL COURT HEARINGS don’t typically fall within the purview of American legal education. Yet in my three years at Harvard Law School, I managed to line up legal internships in Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong, and India—so when a friend from a German nonprofit invited me to […]

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Calgary conservationist warns Alberta wind farms may irreversibly hurt birds of prey

Mia Sosiak — Global News — July 3, 2015 CALGARY – John Campbell has worked with falcons, eagles and hawks in the wild for decades, all over Western Canada. He has monitored nests near Pincher Creek since the 1970s, and banded thousands of baby raptors, long before the area became the birthplace of wind power […]

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Maine Passes Legislation Giving Rural Residents More Say in Wind Projects

Naomi Schalit — Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting — July 2, 2015 AUGUSTA — After several years of trying, a group of citizens from the state’s rural Unorganized Territories (UT) have won their fight to pass legislation that could give them greater say in the siting of large, industrial wind turbines in their communities. […]

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From Illinois — Dr. Paul Schomer Presentation “Effects of Wind Turbine Acoustic Emissions” Available on Request

Please read the following letter advising how to get a copy of Dr. Schomer’s power point presentation.  Do NOT contact Quixotes.  Follow the directions below and if you have difficulty, please leave a comment.  Thanks — DQ ****************************************************************** This past Tuesday evening, June 23rd, renowned noise expert, Dr. Paul Schomer presented a power point entitled […]

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Wind turbine construction could permanently damage hearing… Of harbour seals

Shona Gossip — Aberdeen Journals Ltd. (UK) — May 20, 2015 Noise from the construction of offshore wind turbines could be damaging the hearing of harbour seals, according to new research published today. Scientists at St Andrews University say noise from the pile driving process could affect the marine mammals’ ability to find food or […]

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German doctors push to halt building of wind turbines

Graham Lloyd — The Australian — May 21, 2015 The “parliament” of Germany’s medical profession has called on its leaders to support a halt to further wind farm developments near housing until more research has been undertaken into the possible health impacts of low-frequency noise from wind turbines. The issue was debated at the German […]

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