The Naruto Manga mixes adventure, fantasy, animation, drama, horror, action, comedy, thriller, mystery, and romance.

Every shinobi wear a headband (Naruto ninja headband). He gets it as soon as he reaches the rank of genin. On each headband is engraved the sign of the village to which the shinobi belongs. It serves to recognize the affiliation of the shinobi from the different shinobi villages and, at the same time, protects the forehead of the wearer. It is not obligatory to tie your headband around the head; some wear it in other places, such as on the neck or around the arm. The standard strap consists of tape and a metal plate, but there are even more special variants. One of these variants would be the forehead protection of Yamato. If a headband is provided with a long scratch, the shinobi has left or betrayed his village and is, therefore, a criminal. Such shinobi are called nuke in. There are also headbands without signs, but it is unknown which village/country they belong to or what this means.

Naruto film case

In a secluded ninja village, a young boy hides among leaves, and his name is Uzumaki Naruto! Naruto, a naughty, conniving teenager, attends the ninja academy, where he learns everything it takes to pass the entrance exams and become an official ninja. But instead of straining his studies, Naruto does the opposite every day, causing only problems and intrigue all over the village, which makes his teacher, Iruka-sensei, very angry with him. And above all, there is significant doubt about whether Naruto will even be able to graduate. But Naruto has a dream in which he will become the head of the village – the Hokage, thus becoming the most powerful ninja around.

After an exhilarating game of hide-and-seek with conohamro, Naruto and the gang embark on their next mission. Their mission is to accompany the beautiful and very selfish actress Fujii Fukushima to a remote mountain where a sequel to the film that was a hit last summer is being filmed. On arrival, ghosts try to scare them and scare everyone away from the set. Everyone’s confused and doesn’t understand why the ghosts want to hurt the movie’s filming. Yukihima says she can’t continue filming and runs away from the set. Naruto and his gang vow to bring yukihima back and go looking for her, but they encounter three strong ninjas wearing special armor along the way. They immediately attack yukihima and Naor to come to her defense even though the chances of winning are slim.

The great conflict of Naruto!

Naruto will face a powerful man who belongs to history, who pursues Naruto! Naruto, accompanied by his friends Nara Shikamaru and Haruno sakura, the leaf village, and Gaara and Cancro from the sand village, embark on a dangerous adventure in a moving fortress housing the historic ruins located in the depths of the earth. The fantastic animation found in the film has not yet been seen in any other anime film, which shocked all viewers!

Two years after the fourth great war of the shuffle, Naruto became the hero of the world and was highly respected. Meanwhile, Tonery Otsutosky is making the moon move toward the earth. Naruto is hypersensitive to his friends, and they try to stop money and the moon before it’s too late.