This year’s holiday season has been a great one for Christmas light projectors. Whether you’re decorating your house or apartment, setting up displays in the mall, or doing something else entirely, you can get those lights to come alive with these new and improved models on shelves everywhere this holiday season. Christman is loved and enjoyed by all group of people. It is one such holiday that falls in the last month of the year and brings several happiness to the lives of the humans. So if you want the best deals that can help you in multiple manners. Than the best option can be to choose the Christmas laser lights. They are strong, powerful and bring much more light in the place compared to other options.

If you’ve got a big family or a lot of friends over, there are some options that will help you make sure everybody gets their share of attention. The best ones have more than enough brightness to illuminate an entire room, and they’ll be able to do it for hours on end.

For the most part, we’re looking at the same basic features that we saw last year — LEDs, battery packs, and wireless connectivity — but there have been a few improvements here and there. Some people were disappointed by the lack of color control on some of the earlier LED models, so this year we’re seeing more options like laser lighting, which means colors and hues can now be controlled just as easily as brightness.

We’ve already mentioned the new additions to the best-selling Laser Light Projector (LLP) line-up from last year, and I’m glad to report that it looks like the company has kept its word about making a cheaper model available. If you don’t need all the bells and whistles of the higher-priced models, the $100 laser light projector is exactly what you want if you’re simply trying to share some festive cheer with a couple of neighbors, or maybe with some folks who live down the street. It’s also perfect for use indoors because it doesn’t require an external power source.

It’s worth noting that the cheaper model does have a different design than the rest of the lineup, since it uses a white housing instead of black. This version may not look quite as eye-catching as the newer models, but we think it still works well for indoor decorations.

In addition, the company has made a few other changes to its existing products. For example, the new $200 Wireless Laser Light Projector (WLP) has a built-in Wi-Fi connection for easy setup, and it can display images from your phone, tablet, or computer. You can even use Google Assistant to control certain functions, such as turning on the lights.

And then there’s the $300 Wireless Multimedia Laser Light Projector (WMPL), which comes with Bluetooth streaming capabilities so you can use it as a speaker system. That might seem like a strange choice, but I guess it would work especially well if you set it up in the middle of your living room.

Of course, if you really want to step things up a bit, then you should consider the $500 Laser Light Projector (LPP). Not only does it have a built-in HD camera for capturing photos and videos, but it also has a motion sensor that lets you track anything moving around while the lights are on. And yes, it includes a remote control too, so you can operate the lights from anywhere in the house.

There are also two new models from the company called the $150 Laser Light Projector (LLP) and the $250 Laser Light Plus (LL+). The LLP is designed to fit inside a standard lamp shade, while the LL+ is much larger and intended for outdoor use.

If you’d prefer to go without any additional hardware, then you could opt for the $30 Dimmable LED Light Projector, which requires no batteries and is fully dimmable thanks to an included wall switch. We’ve seen a similar product before, but the difference this time is that it’s actually designed to hang on a wall.

As usual, the price tags are pretty steep compared to the competition, but there’s still a good chance that you’ll find a version at or near this level of quality for less money somewhere. There are plenty of other options out there, including the $180 EZ-Lite, which is essentially a rebranded version of last year’s $300 E-Lite Projector. It’s also worth mentioning that Amazon often has deals on holiday gifts.

But whatever you decide to buy, you’re sure to be very happy with your purchase once you see how well it performs. After all, these things are meant to bring joy and happiness to everyone around you, so anything that makes your life easier or more enjoyable will only serve to enhance everyone’s experience.

The Best Christmas Light Projectors of 2022

Whether you’re planning a large event (like a party with several hundred guests) or you just want to brighten the night for a couple of neighbors, there’s probably a Christmas light projector in the list below that you’ll be able to pick up for under $100.

  • Laser Light Projector ($99)

This $100 option is an excellent value for indoor use thanks to its high-performance specs and low price tag.

  • EZ-Lite Projector ($108)

E-Lite has released a rebranded version of last year’s $300 E-Lite Projector, but it’s still a decent choice for those who aren’t interested in spending extra cash.

  • Wireless Laser Light Projector (WLP)

While the wireless model isn’t ideal for outdoor purposes, it’s still a decent deal for people who want to use it inside.

  • Wireless Multimedia Laser Light Projector (WMPL)

Thanks to its wireless capabilities, the WMPL is a great investment if you plan on using it both inside and outside.

  • Dimmable LED Light Projector ($49)

If you’d rather avoid adding any additional hardware to your setup, then this model is a good option for anyone looking for a simple solution that won’t cost them a fortune.

  • Laser Light Projector (LPP)

A single unit that can handle both interior and exterior use, the LPP is a solid investment if you’re looking to turn your home into a giant projection screen.

  • Laser Light Plus (LL+)

Another option for people who are looking for a larger device that can be used outdoors.

  • Laser Light Projector (LLP)

The smaller version of the LPP, this is another great option for those who want to use it indoors.

  • Dimmable LED Light Projector (DLP)

This is yet another entry-level option from E-Lite that costs almost nothing to install.