Grilling is a great way to enjoy and make healthy meals outdoors. Grilling can be a suitable pick for you if you wish to lose weight because the grilling process lowers your calorie intake. It happens because grilling melts the extra fat and lets them drip off the racks, although, it doesn’t remove all the fat from the meats. Grilling also helps to seize the vitamins and minerals in your food and provide a juicy meal without the added fats. 

The grilling industry is tremendously owned by Weber in the market, despite coal, electric, gas, or propane. When the thought of grilling pops up, automatically the weber comes to the mind; that’s what its impact is. Although, few people have misconceptions about the expensive pricing of the Weber. Because most people wish to look for a brand that provides quality products at an affordable price, let’s figure out why this brand has an edge. 

History of Weber

There’s no indecision that weber is one of the most admired barbeque brands across the globe. Despite the tough competitors, its position in the market is still firm. Weber entered the grilling industry by launching a simple and practical product; a kettle grill. This product was a massive success for the Weber, as every American would be familiar with it. 

Furthermore, in the year 1952, Weber launched a closed lid grill design. The uniqueness of this product was that the cook won’t get bothered with the smoke, whereas the smoke gets coated around the meat, adding smokiness.

Material quality 

It’s a general trivia that when you spend a lump sum of money on a product, you expect it to last for a period. But most of the brands manufacture the grills with cheap quality material that gets rusted and bend within a span of a few years. 

 The material quality of weber is highly appreciable, as it is made up of premium quality stainless steel. Few of their models are also manufactured with cast iron. All these materials are expensive but are worthy enough to cater to the purpose. 

Warranty and repair 

When you are spending a good amount of money on something, the warranty is something that every customer expects. Weber facilitates a solid warranty policy, for at least 10-years, because of being highly confident in its products. Moreover, the warranty on some products maybe even more. You can search for weber bbq northern Ireland to repair yours. But warranty shouldn’t be your concern because their product lasts up to decades. Weber also offers super easy repairing services, which can be done at their different service centers.  


Where different brands follow an approach to equip their grills with fancy features and light, Weber focuses more on the classic aspects of design. All grills are durable because they don’t come up with unnecessary cool-looking features. 

Weber is known for spending a whopping amount of money on its research and development team. They consistently come up with newly researched convenient products that are proficient at better air circulation, heat distribution, and better exterior.